System Part 2: Automations, Landing Pages and Tags (8 min)

You've made it to part two of the system. In this module, we're gonna talk about automations, landing pages, and lead tags.


We turn your CRM into a smart lead management system usings automations.

  • Automations scan your database, and they apply action plans.
  • They monitor for lead behavior, and they assign phone call alerts for the hottest opportunities.
  • They also reduce time-consuming lead maintenance tasks and improve efficiency.
  • Plus they keep track of lead behavior to ensure that you never miss another potential opportunity.

When we nudged the database in the last module that pushed people text messages with links — some links will get clicked.

People are gonna land on the website. Some people may even engage with some properties on the website. They may favorite the property or save it for later. They may request a showing. All of that activity is tracked by automation.

So as you're feeding the system, by nudging, you're going to create additional opportunity.

We also run automations on the weekends that automatically apply some baseline email nurture campaigns, which helps create the basis for the follow-up that's happening within the system.

The combination of the baseline action plans that we have running that are automatically applied with automation, along with the nudging of the database through text, is what's going to create the highest amount of opportunities for you.


Think of automations as your assistant helping you monitor all the activity you're driving to your database and all of the leads engaging with it.

Video Landing Pages

When leads click links in text or email, we're specifically driving them back to educational landing pages that position you and your team as the market expert.

If you're an agent-level user, you may not have access to these pages. It's really, really important that you know these exist because they play a crucial part in the lead nurturing system.

We're sending texts and emails, driving traffic back to these pages. And if you run certain digital marketing campaigns with us, we'll drive additional traffic back to these landing pages.

Landing Page Features

  • All of the landing pages contain a video
  • Some of them contain properties
  • Almost all of them contain a form
  • We provide scripts and guidelines for customizing the videos


Personalize the videos to reflect your brand and make that content more authentic. That's the most important piece. Take the time to redo the content and make it brand and market-specific. Make it sound and feel like you!


We provide over 250 different tags a lot of them are being applied and removed automatically, and some of them are there for lead tracking.

Tags are really important because we can actually place markers on leads and understand or find where they're at within the database. You can utilize Sierra's advanced search tool to find some of these searchable data points.

Closing Thoughts

That is part two of the system. In part one, we laid the foundation of some of the key things that you needed to know. Then we went ahead and nudged your database.

We used smart filters/engagement filters, to send a contact template and apply action plans, and really start to push some things along.

In this module, part two, we talked about automations watching for site activity. We discussed landing pages, where the destination for a lot of this is going. And we talked about tags which are the glue that holds many of these things together.

In the next module, we'll talk about what you need to do daily.



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