Sierra Interactive Integration and v8 Highlights (3 min)

Sierra Interactive Integration

Alright, so what is the Sierra Interactive integration? At the end of the day, it's a lead management system that seamlessly integrates with Sierra Interactive. It has plug-and-play functionality.

What did GGMS install into my account?

The Sierra Interactive Integration includes;

  • Action Plans
  • Automations
  • Landing Pages
  • Smart Filters
  • Contact Templates
  • Tags


It's important to know that those items are all installed inside of your system, and those are the items that are working day in and day out to make sure that we're pushing the best opportunities to the top of the list.

Main Benefits

Now, what are the main benefits?

  1. The first is saving time and avoiding headaches. You don't have to go build things out to get into action.
  2. The second thing is that we simplify your day. Instead of deciding who am I gonna follow up with? How many times am I gonna follow up with them? When should I call them back? We're gonna handle 99% of this for you.
  3. The next thing is injecting video into your follow-up strategy. So many people tell you, you should do video, you should do video — coaches, trainers, different platforms. Well, that's exactly what we give you here. We give you a way to inject video directly into your business using video landing pages. All of our text messages, emails, and even some of the digital marketing campaigns drive traffic back to these landing pages.
  4. The fourth is the accountability piece. This is the way to hold yourself and or your team accountable. The system is very, very transparent. Within a few seconds, you can find out whether you or a team member is doing or not doing the things that are asked.

v8 Highlights

With that, let's talk about the V8 highlights.

  • The first is phone call and task alerts. Those are time sensitive, meaning you have a day or two to finish that task. If not, we'll remove it, and we may give you another attempt at that later.
  • Automation enhancements. We've gone through all of the automations and made sure that we fine-tuned everything.
  • We also implemented a simplified smart filter dashboard. It's way easier to see what you need to do and what you need to be applying or who you need to be calling.
  • We also introduced a cash offer strategy that comes along with a landing page, an action plan, a script, and if you run ads with us, Facebook and Instagram videos.
  • We also introduced a new market watch video for anyone who's using the stock actress.
  • Zillow call alerts for new leads.
  • Nudge action plans, which are text only.
  • We also have active, closed, sphere of influence and pending action plans.
  • Streamlined the GGMS Assist process and if you're not familiar with GGMS Assist, we basically have a virtual assistant team that's in-house that will handle all of the responses and a lot of the inbox management and nudging on your behalf. You can reach out to our team if you're interested in more information about that.
  • We used to have a signature line that was in many our emails, and Sierra ended up appending the signature line automatically. They made a change, our signature line was still there, and we were sending out double signature lines. So we went through, and we made sure that was removed.
  • We also made bug fixes, grammatical error changes, and other little tweaks.

Closing Thoughts

Let's move on to the next module and continue learning.



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