Nudge your Database: Generate More Activity (6 min)


Let's talk about nudging your database, which is basically sending a text message or applying an action plan that sends a series of text messages to leads within your database to kickstart engagement.

There's a lot of activity already happening within your database. There's already people coming back to it. You may already be running marketing that's driving additional traffic back to it and that's awesome!

We're going to catch all of that traffic with automation. But some of your leads within your database are gonna be stale. They're gonna be older and not engaged with you. That's why we use engagement filters to nudge them and get them into action.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to nudging your database, there are two options. You can send a contact template or you can send an action plan. The smart filters tell you which category or action plan to send.

Make sure that you're reading those descriptions of the smart filters so that you're not accidentally sending or applying a plan to the wrong group of people.

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to and we can get on a call and show you how to do this if you need a little more help.

See you in the next module!



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