Agenda & Mindset (2 min)

Let's set the stage for the basic training modules.


In the next couple modules, we're gonna walk through all of the basic things that you need to know in order to use the Sierra Interactive integration at the highest level possible.

We recently introduced version eight, which we're calling v8, and it's the most powerful version of GGMS that we've ever released.


Let's start by looking at our agenda and setting up our mindset for what we need to be prepared for as we go through the next couple modules.

  • First off, we're gonna talk about the Sierra Interactive Integration and v8 Highlights.
  • Then we're gonna talk about System Part 1, which is gonna include status definitions, smart filters, contact templates, and action plans.
  • After that, we'll move into Nudging your Database, which is actually going to start to put things into motion and build on top of the things that we learned in system part one.
  • Now, in System Part 2 we talk automations, landing pages and tags, that's gonna tie together some of the things that happened through the nudging.
  • At the very end, we'll talk about Working the Responses. This is your inbox and your priority task filter. It's the engagement that's created through the action plans and the nudging of the database.


Now that we've got the agenda out of the way, let's talk mindset, here's a quote by Jim Rohn.

"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day." — Jim Rohn

That's exactly what you need to have for your mindset as you go through the modules and as you work your database every single day.

It's the small little disciplines day in and day out that are gonna get you to the results and the ROI that you're looking for.

We're giving you a competitive advantage against anyone else in your market. You have video landing pages, you have action plans, smart filters, systems and processes that are put in place in a plug and place system that make your life easier.

It's not a magic trick.

At the end of the day,

  • YOU need to make the effort! make the phone call.
  • YOU need to make the effort! make the response.
  • YOU need to make the effort! nudge the database.

Those are things that we need your help with in order to get to the results that you're looking for and the results that you ultimately deserve.


Closing Thoughts

That's the agenda, that's the mindset. So let's move to the next module and let's keep going.



Sierra + GGMS Training (Agents & Admins)

Learn how to use the Sierra + GGMS Integration. This is a must for all admins, agents, and virtual assistants.

Basic Training: Getting Started