Price Range Widgets

This article will cover how to adjust your price range widget that shows on your site.


Inputting Price Range

Preview Price Range Widget


To navigate to the page to edit your Price Range Widget on your website, you will first go to the Content tab > Content Pages.

- Then you will click on the All Sections dropdown and select Landing Pages

- There are 3 landing pages with pricing widgets: Just Listed, Price Reductions, and Welcome. Scroll down to any of these and press Edit on the right side under the Action column. In this example, we will be using the Just Listed page.

- After clicking Edit you will scroll to the bottom of the next page and locate the Show Listings from Saved Search section and click Edit Price Range.

Inputting Price Ranges

From here you can customize your price range widget on your website using the boxes.

In Example: Step 1, below, you will see that the first row has a 'From' of $250,000 and 'To' $500,000 and a 'Step' (or increments) of $50,000.

This means that the price widget will start from $250,000 and go to $500,000 in increments of $50,000. In the next line, you will see that anything over $500,000 to $1,000,000 is in increments of $100,000.

In Example: Step 2, below, you will see that on the website it will reflect these selections that you input with a total of 12 price ranges.

NOTE: We suggest using the "step" section wisely and always checking the preview to see if the widget looks like how you want. For example, if you did a step of $25,000 in the example below, you would have much more price ranges (24) instead of the 12 shown. The last section of this article shows how to quickly preview your widget.

Example: Step 1

Example: Step 2

Preview Price Range Widget

You can preview your price widget by pressing the Save and View option, after inputting your price ranges (shown below).