My Notification Settings

This article will cover what the notification settings are, and the types of ways you can be notified by Sierra Interactive.


My Delivery Preferences

Where is My Notification Settings' located?

To navigate to My Notification Settings click on your profile picture and it will display a dropdown where you will find the setting.

My Delivery Preferences

Notification Schedule

This is where you can set your notification schedule. During this time window, all notification methods will be sent. Outside this time window, only email notifications will be sent.

Phone Number for Text Messages

This is the phone number that all text message notifications will be going to.


Notification Types

You will notice below there are squares with two types of notifications, General and Behavioral. The behavioral notifications will have an orange hue to them and Tags associated below. These behavioral tags, which our team has attached for you, will attach an action plan to a lead based on the behavior performed.

Notification Preferences

By default, we have enabled Notify me in the Mobile App be for you on all notifications. With improvements made to the mobile app, we find it to be very helpful in making sure you never miss any notifications.

Notification Actions

There are 19 different actions that trigger the associated notification preferences. Behavioral notifications have been identified with the + next to them.
  1. New Lead
  2. +Saved Listing
  3. +Request for More Info
  4. +Schedule Showing Request
  5. +Lead Returns to Site After X or More Days
  6. +Lead Views a Single Property X or More Times
  7. +Lead Clicks X Consecutive Listing Alerts
  8. Lead Reassigned to Me
  9. Task Is Due
  10. Contact Form Submission
  11. Incoming Phone Call from Lead
  12. Received Voicemail from Lead
  13. Incoming Text from Lead
  14. Incoming Email from Lead
  15. Response to On-Site Message from Lead
  16. Lead Added to a Pond
  17. Agent Requests to Claim a Lead from a Pond
  18. New Leads Added into Distribution
  19. Incoming Calls / Texts from Unknown Numbers