GGMS + Sierra AI Chatbot Integration

In this guide, we discuss how to make the proper system adjustments needed to use Sierra AI Chatbot alongside GGMS. We will also explore best practices for using both systems together.

Enabling Sierra AI Chatbot

Currently, there are two ways to enable Sierra AI Chatbot inside Sierra Interactive.

  1. Lead Routing Rules
  2. Lead Profile Screen

Lead Routing Rules

You will likely leverage Sierra AI Chatbot to work with contacts in the new lead status. This will require you to make small adjustments to how your lead routing rules are configured to ensure that the two systems work together properly.

Start by identifying which lead sources you will route through Sierra AI Chatbot. Then, locate the lead routing rule you want to update and press the edit button.

There are (2) two adjustments that you will need to make happen.

1. Remove GGMS > Lead Routing > Action Plan

The first step is to remove the GGMS fully automated action associated with the lead routing rule. This will limit the text message conversations from GGMS for newly captured leads.

2. Enable Siera SI

Now that you have successfully removed the GGMS fully automated action, the second step is to enable Sierra AI Chatbot by flipping the toggle.

Please note: Contacts are still eligible for lead engagement plans and will receive
an email-only nurture campaign.

Lead Profile

You can also manually enable Sierra AI Chatbot from the lead profile inside Sierra Interactive.

Check Action Plans Area

Start by seeing which action plans are currently assigned to the contact. As well as the “status” of any action plans; In Progress or Paused.

At this time, you'll need to decide how you'd like to move forward. Feel free to stop any action plan that you would not like to have present while Sierra AI Chatbot is attempting to quality the lead via text message. We recommend stopping any GGMS > Lead Routing action plan to avoid over-texting from both systems.

GGMS > (Buyer or Seller) Nurture action plans are email-only campaigns that should not interfere with the chatbot, which only serves up text message-only conversions.

Enable Sierra AI Chatbot 

Now that you have stopped any GGMS > Lead Routing action plan to avoid over-texting from both systems. You can press the Start Conversation button to enable the chatbot.

Disabling Sierra AI Chatbot

Automation w/ Task

Let’s face it. You will not remember to stop the chatbot on every lead that passes through the system. Sierra does not currently support Sierra AI management through automation. Meaning you can not automatically start or stop the chatbot via automation.

However, you will be faced with scenarios that require the contact to be unenrolled from the chatbot. For example, moved to active, prime, pending, archived, junk, DNC, etc.

We would recommend that you set up an automation that monitors the desired lead status to be updated. Then, create a task for the assigned agent to manually stop the chatbot.

Lead Profile

At this time, you can only stop the chatbot from the lead profile screen. Under the conversational messaging section, you will notice the option to Stop Conversation when the chatbot is active.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I view or edit the text messages sent from the Sierra AI chatbot? At this time, you can not view or edit the contents of what the Sierra AI chatbot is sending your database. 
  • Can I view or edit the text messages, emails, and templates sent from GGMS-associated action plans? Yes! All GGMS messaging is viewable and editable, so you can take the framework and make the necessary adjustments to match your business needs.
  • Do I still have text overages with the Sierra AI chatbot? Yes. The monthly chatbot service only covers the use of the chatbot. All text message usage and overages are charged to the account.
  • How should I use both systems together? The easiest and most cost-effective way is to make adjustments to your lead routing rules and use the Sierra AI chatbot to try to qualify new leads.
  • How many leads can I work per month with the Sierra AI chatbot? Packages are sold based on a monthly number starting at 50 leads per month for $99. Alternatively, you can work an unlimited number of leads using GGMS for $499/mo, which includes automations, action plans, smart filters, contact templates, tags, landing pages with video content, tracking forms, daily training sessions, 1-on-1 account review calls, plus both digital action plans and property promoter for Facebook & Instagram.