Potential Duplicate Contacts Filter

This article will teach you how to merge two leads that have the same phone numbers on file.


Merging Leads

GGMS+ created a new call filter on your Leads Dashboard to help you cut down on the number of duplicate leads in Sierra Interactive. We recommend you use this filter and merge any leads that may have similar information so that you can retain the information that is best for each lead.


- Click on the Leads > Leads Dashboard.

- Click the 3 horizontal dots on the right side of filters and select Potential Duplicate Contacts: Same Phone Number.

Merging Leads

Once you click on the filter, you will see a list of leads appearing below, sorted by their contact phone number. You can use the checkbox on the left to select two leads with the same phone number. (example below)

- After selecting the two leads that you would like to merge, use the Bulk Actions with 2 selected dropdown to select Merge Two Leads. (example below)

- The next window provides you with three lists of fields. The first two lists are the leads that you selected and the third is the result of the selected radial button next to each field.

 - We labeled the sections in red in the example below as Lead 1, Lead 2, and Merged Lead Preview for easy reference.

- Once you have selected the information you would like to keep for each field, you will notice the third column, Merged Lead Preview (labeled only as Result in Sierra Interactive) will display the selected information combined from the first two columns. 

In the example below, we determined that the lead's name was "Ex" instead of "X" so we chose the appropriate name using the radial button. We also confirmed that the valid email for the lead was the example2222@example.com email. You then see on the right under the Merged Lead Preview that only our selections remain.

- After making all your selections and confirming in the right side section. You can scroll to the bottom of the box and accept the terms and press Submit. The leads will then be merged into one single lead with the information you chose.