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How to use the Accountability Filters

In this article, we'll delve into the concept of accountability filters and break down each of the five key filters that enable teams to track and enhance their performance

Total Priority Leads
Dialed Priority Leads
Connected Priority Leads
Missed Priority Leads
Total Dials Made

All Priority Leads (Last 30 Days):

The Total Priority Leads filter acts as a comprehensive overview of all call task opportunities provided by the GGMS system within the last 30 days. This filter serves as the starting point for agents to understand the number of priority tasks generated by the GGMS system in the last 30 days. Each task provides insight into the lead behavior that triggered the call task. 


Dialed Priority Leads (Last 30 Days):

This filter narrows the focus to the opportunities that agents have actively pursued by logging phone calls on a priority task within the last 30 days. Using the Dialed Priority Leads filter, teams can assess their proactive outreach efforts and gauge the number of leads they've engaged with directly by dialing within the priority task filter. This serves as a vital metric in evaluating the team's commitment to reaching out to potential clients in the filter.


Connected Priority Leads (Last 30 Days):

The Connected Priority Leads filter is a valuable tool for measuring the effectiveness of agents' communication. It specifically highlights the priority tasks where a successful phone call was logged within the last 30 days. By comparing this filter to the Dialed Priority Leads, teams can calculate their answer rate, providing insights into the efficiency of their communication strategies.


Missed Priority Leads (Last 30 Days):

Identifying missed opportunities is just as crucial as recognizing successful connections. The Missed Priority Leads filter isolates instances where agents failed to make the phone call to the lead or forgot the log the phone call to the priority task. Analyzing this filter enables teams to pinpoint areas of improvement, whether it be in time management, follow-up strategies, or simply logging the phone call.


Total Dials Made (Last 30 Days):

 Beyond lead-specific filters, Total Dials Made offers a macro-level view of an agent's overall call activity within the last 30 days. This filter provides a numeric representation of an agent's outreach efforts, allowing for a quick assessment of their level of engagement and commitment to prospecting.


GGMS Accountability Filters provide a powerful framework for real estate teams to track, measure, and enhance their performance. By leveraging these filters, agents can gain a nuanced understanding of their prospecting activities, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately enhance their accountability in turning leads into clients. Mastering these filters equips real estate professionals with the tools needed to thrive in a competitive market.